HJ720ITC - Pedometer with Software $79.99

Omron's most technologically advanced pedometer, model HJ-720ITC, now includes Omron Health Management Software to help you track days, weeks, months and years of exercise.  Simply connect the pedometer with its USB connection to your PC to begin tracking your health today.  The pedometer measures steps, aerobic steps (10 minutes or more of continuous movement), calories and distance.  Your path to better health is just steps away.
  • The unique dual sensor technology lets you carry your pedometer in your pocket or bag
  • Measures steps, aerobic movement, calories and distance
  • Separately displays aerobic steps and minutes walked more than 10 minutes continuously
  • 7 day history lets you review a full week of exercise
  • Resets at midnight automatically so it's ready to go every morning
  • Large display
  • Clock
  • Detachable belt holder and security strap

HBF500 - Body Composition Monitor with Scale $129.99

The HBF-500 is an easy-to-use total body monitoring scale which not only calculates visceral fat, but resting metabolism and skeletal muscle mass levels -- both helpful indicators for consumers to use when determining appropriate calorie intake and exercise levels.  It also displays standard values such as body fat percentage, weight and BMI to help users take proactive steps toward better health.  The scale uses full-body sensing technology featuring hand grip and foot electrodes to facilitate a highly accurate reading.


  • Highly accurate full body sensing technology featuring hand grip and foot electrodes
  • Monitor weight, body fat & visceral fat levels for healthy weight loss
  • Monitor your skeletal muscle and resting metabolism levels 
  • Four person profile memory
  • Measurement storage for one day, one week, 30 days and 90 days for easy reference in tracking progress

HBF306 - Fat Loss Monitor $74.99

Measurement of body fat composition is the key to long-term exercise success.

The hand held body fat analyzer is an affordable and easy way to measure body fat in the privacy of your own home. After inputting the data, a measurement can be started by simply holding the grip electrodes and pressing the START button.

  • Athlete mode for accurate results with athletes
  • Additional BMI reading provides added tracking ability
  • Save time with 9 personal profile memory
  • Provides accurate and quick results in just 7 seconds

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